This is a collaborative project between Waterproof Studios, Pixel Light Effects and myself. 

  • Pixel Light Effects scanned a face using photogrammetry as well as a series of face poses based on FACS (Facial Action Coding System). 
  • I built a high level Maya face rig using these scans. I also sculpted additional blendshapes.
  • We video taped the actor performing these challenging lines of dialogue. I used Faceware to retarget the performance to the facial rig. Some keyframe animation was added after for refinement.
  • Waterproof Studios helped refine the look development in Vray and was responsible for the lighting, rendering and colour grading.


  • Special Thanks to Hernan Melzi for the initial look development.
  • Face Rig, Additional Blendshapes, Facial Motion Capture (Faceware), Animation – Jim Su
  • Base mesh, Facial Expression Scans, Textures – Pixel Light Effects
  • Final Look Dev, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing – Waterproof Studios

Please watch this space for more developments!
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Jim Su  – Character CGI Artist and TD

Hi there, I am a veteran CGI Artist and Technical Director currently working in Vancouver, Canada. I have been working in the industry since 1999, gathering valuable experience working in feature films and tv.

While rigging is my expertise, I have a real passion for the craft of facial rigging, which is a combination of art, technology, and anatomy. My career goal is to push the envelope as best as I can in cgi faces and the progression of digital humans. Please contact me if you share common goals and would like to know more.


Career Milestones:

  • After graduating Sheridan College for Computer Animation, I was hired by Mainframe Entertainment in 1999 as a CGI modeller and rigger. 
  • I worked on classic shows such as Transformers Beast Machines, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and the groundbreaking Canadian series, ReBoot.
  • in 2003, I moved back to Toronto to work for C.O.R.E. Feature animation on the Disney movie, The Wild. My first VFX opportunity came on Silent Hill and Firehouse Dog at C.O.R.E.
  • In 2006, I was hired by Mr. X Inc. as a rigger and eventually promoted to Rigging Supervisor. Some notable projects I worked on were Resident Evil Extinction, Resident Evil Afterlife, Tron Legacy, and Resident Evil Retribution.
  • in 2012, I moved back to Vancouver to work at Scanline VFX as a Rigging Supervisor to work on 300: Rise of an Empire. Other projects included Captain America: Winter Soldier, In The Heart of the Sea, Divergent.
  • in 2015, I joined the Academy Award winning vfx studio Double Negative as a Sr. Character TD. Projects included Alice Through the Looking Glass and Star Trek: Beyond.
  • I am currently a Creature/Character Supervisor at Zoic Studios working on shows such as Once Upon A Time and Imaginary Mary.



The MJ project

Atilla Ceylan (The Strain, Pacific Rim) and I have started working on a new face project. Atilla is a world class modeler and concept artist who I've had the pleasure of working with at Mr X and Zoic. Please check out his website here. He is working on the model, look...

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New 2017 CGI Face Rig Reel

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been very busy working on Imaginary Mary, Once Upon a Time, and a yet to be announced TV pilot at Zoic Studios. Imaginary Mary has made it's debut. I'm so happy and proud of the results. A fantastic animation team did a top...

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Zoic VFX for Series of Unfortunate Events

Zoic Studios has released some cgi breakdowns for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Did you know that the baby Sunny is partially (and sometimes full) CGI? Paxton Gerrish and I worked on Sunny's facial rigging. Great work coming from our Creature team!

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Imaginary Mary Trailer

I have been working on Imaginary Mary premiering in March on ABC. I have to say, her face rig was really challenging. A squash and stretch rig with the ability to shape the eyelids (And close perfectly each time). The final result, a super cute Mary!

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Rogue One: Some thoughts about the Digital Humans

SPOILERS! If you've been living under a rock or you're the last person to watch Star Wars Rogue One, there are some minor spoilers ahead! Go watch the movie already! I had already read mixed reviews about General Tarkin and Princess Leia including the debate on ethics...

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Star Trek Beyond: Teenaxi Facial Rigging Reel

I have updated the Star Trek Beyond Teenaxi Facial Rigging reel. Now with audio! I rigged / or helped rig every Teenaxi alien on screen. Responsible for body rig design. Rigged every creature and planned the LOD (level of detail) design. Gavin Thomas rigged the muscle...

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