Merry Christmas!
This is the launch of, a website featuring my work and opinions in the emerging art and technology of digital humans.
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Sharing is caring, so here’s a simple trick to rigging an Eye Meniscus.
What is an Eye Meniscus ? The general term Meniscus is the bending of a liquid when it touches a surface. You can see the phenomenon on the the surface of a glass of water. If you look closely at your eye, there is a bit of liquid collected between the tear and the edge of the eyelid. For dramatic effect, I’m exaggerating the bump in this tutorial. Also there is a fine line between a realistic meniscus and ‘teary’ eyes. Adjusting the size of the bump on a shot basis may be in order. Rendering the meniscus in a second pass will allow it to be adjusting in compositing.
Sorry for the bad audio. I’ll look for a better mic during Boxing day sales!