Atilla Ceylan (The Strain, Pacific Rim) and I have started working on a new face project. Atilla is a world class modeler and concept artist who I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Mr X and Zoic. Please check out his website here. He is working on the model, look development and hair groom. I am doing the face rig, facial blendshapes, and body rig. We will also bring in an animator and facial motion capture. I’ll keep posting developments in this blog. Thank you for following! We’re going to make this really special!

Displacement and sizzle sculpt by Atilla. Notice the acne scarring. When we add subsurface scatter, it won’t be as noticeable.

Brow Progress with slidy skin. Almost all blendshapes. Only the eyelids are skinned:

Squint Progress with around 40 Action units, wrinkles, and correctives:

Smile Progress